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Zanetti Macchine

zanetti macchine
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Belfortglass produces grinding wheels for straight line flat and round edge edging machines, flat and round edge double edgers, bevelling machines, shaping machines, prismatic mirror machines and numerical control machines, a range distinguished by a high level of quality, operating speeds and flexibility of use. Belfortglass has also manufactured butyl and thiokol mono and bi-component sealant extruders for insulating glass since 1971, well known and appreciated all over the world.

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Belfortglass sarà presente a Vitrum 2017

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Belfortglass S.r.l. was founded in 1971. The Company started by manufacturing butyl and thiokol one/two components sealants extruders for insulating glass, which soon became recognized at an international level thanks to their high reliability and durability.

In 1979 the Company expanded its area of expertise and began the realization of diamond wheels. Today Belfortglass manufactures diamond wheels for flat and round edge grinding machines, flat and round edge double edgers, bevelling and prismatic mirrors machines, numerical control machines, which distinguish themselves by excellent quality, speed of work and significant versatility.